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Title: Breast Imaging
Authors: Debra M., Ikeda
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Mosby
Citation: For my mom, Dorothy Yoshie Kishi Ikeda for women with breast cancer, their families, their loved ones and supporters; and for physicians, health care givers, scientists, engineers, and physicists who support them and battle breast cancer on their behalf.
Abstract: The first edition of Breast Imaging: The Requisites was an outstanding addition to the Requisites in Radiology series. In its second edition, Dr. Debra Ikeda and her contributors have again done a truly outstanding job in presenting a very challenging topic in a manner that is straightforward and readily accessible to the reader. Part of the challenge in writing a book on breast imaging is that the topic encompasses screening, diagnostic and interventional procedures, and a multiplicity of imaging methods. Dr. Ikeda’s approach is logical, and readers will have no trouble finding and going immediately to the chapter or material of interest. The material covered in the second edition of Breast Imaging: The Requisites reflects the rapid development of technology for breast imaging. Along with continued technologic breakthroughs in ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography and PET/CT have shown potential in the diagnosis and management of breast disease. While technologic advances have changed the practice of breast imaging over the last decade, the special responsibility of radiologists has not changed. Radiologists remain the critical stewards of a patient’s care in going from a screening study to a diagnostic study and then to an interventional procedure. The intimate relationship between patients with breast disease and the radiologist is unique in radiology practice. Breast Imaging: The Requisites captures the importance of this relationship. Dr. Ikeda and her colleagues have done a meticulous job in illustrating and cross referencing Breast Imaging: The Requisites. The quality of the illustrations is superb and increased in value by equally excellent line drawings and diagrams designed to simplify and bring out basic concepts. The utility of the work is further increased by the use of tables and boxes that summarize key points covered in the text. In their second edition, Dr. Ikeda and colleagues have again succeeded in producing a book that exemplifies the philosophy and goals of the Requisites in Radiology series. The authors have captured the important conceptual, factual, and practical aspects of breast imaging including new advances in technology in a way that is both concise and authoritative. Dr. Ikeda and her invited coauthors are to be congratulated on doing such an outstanding job for the benefit of their readers and for the benefit of both physicians and patients engaged in providing and receiving breast imaging services. The Requisites in Radiology series is now an old friend for a generation of radiologists. The intent of the series is to provide the resident, fellow, or practicing physician with an authoritative textbook that can be reasonably read within several days, and for trainees, perhaps reread several times during clinical rotations or during board preparation. The Requisites in Radiology series is not intended to be exhaustive but to provide the material required for clinical practice. Dr. Ikeda and colleagues have done an outstanding job in sustaining the philosophy of the Requisites series. Breast Imaging: The Requisites is again a truly outstanding and contemporary text for breast imaging
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