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Title: BERGEY’S MANUAL OF Systematic Bacteriology Second Edition
Other Titles: Volume Two The Proteobacteria Part C The Alpha-, Beta-, Delta-, and Epsilonproteobacteria
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: The elaborate system of classification of the bacteria into families, tribes and genera by a Committee on Characterization and Classification of the Society of American Bacteriologists (1911, 1920) has made it very desirable to be able to place in the hands of students a more detailed key for the identification of species than any that is available at present. The valuable book on “Determinative Bacteriology” by Professor F. D. Chester, published in 1901, is now of very little assistance to the student, and all previous classifications are of still less value, especially as earlier systems of classification were based entirely on morphologic characters. It is hoped that this manual will serve to stimulate efforts to perfect the classification of bacteria, especially by emphasizing the valuable features as well as the weaker points in the new system which the Committee of the Society of American Bacteriologists has promulgated. The Committee does not regard the classification of species offered here as in any sense final, but merely a progress report leading to more satisfactory classification in the future. The Committee desires to express its appreciation and thanks to those members of the society who gave valuable aid in the compilation of material and the classification of certain species. . . . The assistance of all bacteriologists is earnestly solicited in the correction of possible errors in the text; in the collection of descriptions of all bacteria that may have been omitted from the text; in supplying more detailed descriptions of such organisms as are described incompletely; and in furnishing complete descriptions of new organisms that may be discovered, or in directing the attention of the Committee to publications of such newly described bacteria.
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