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Title: Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology
Authors: Connie R. Mahon, R. Mahon
Keywords: Diagnostic Microbiology
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Content Technologies, Inc
Abstract: "Just the Facts101" is a Cram101 publication and tool designed to give you all the facts from your textbooks. Visit for the full practice test for each of your chapters for virtually any of your textbooks. Cram101 has built custom study tools specific to your textbook. We provide all of the testable information and unlike traditionalstudy guides, we will never send you back to your textbook for more information. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO HIGHLIGHT A BOOK AGAIN! Cram101 e-StudyGuides All of the notes in this e-StudyGuide are written specifically for your textbook. We include the key terms places and people... Only the information you can expect on your next exam! Want to take a practice test? Throughout each chapter of this eBook you will find links to where you can select specific chapters to take a test on or subscribe and get practice tests for up to 12 of your textbooks, along with other exclusive tools. Only gives you the notes, highlights, and PRACTICE TESTS specific to your textbook. is an online application where you'll discover study tools designed to make the most of your limited study time.
Description: Just the Facts101 ®, Cram101® Textbook Outlines, Cram101 e-StudyGuides and are Content Technologies Inc. publications and services. All notes, highlights, reviews, and practice tests are written and or prepared by Content Technologies, Inc. and Cram101 Publishing. Copyright © 2015 by Content Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. eISBN 9781497015562 E-4 25119
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