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Title: Emergency Radiology
Authors: Jorge A., Soto
Brian C., Lucey
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Mosby
Citation: I dedicate this book to my parents, Jorge Sr. and Socorro, for their example and guidance, and to my wife, Ana, and children, Andrea and Alejandro, for their sustained support and patience as I devote time to academic radiology. JAS To my parents, James and Anne; sister, Suzanne; wife, Ciara; and son, James. Thanks for the unconditional support. BCL
Abstract: We would like to thank many people who helped transform the concept of this book into a reality. First, we owe thanks to innumerable individuals (staff, residents, fellows, technologists, and nurses) at the Boston University Medical Center in Boston, MA, who helped us and our colleagues build multidisciplinary groups for the care of the acutely ill patient. This was the principal driving force behind our growing interest in the field of emergency radiology. We would also like to thank Dr. James Thrall for insisting on the timeliness and necessity for this text to add to THE REQUISITES series. We would also like to extend a sincere thank you to the contributing authors, all of whom are experienced radiologists with extensive knowledge in various aspects of emergency radiology. Each author has added his or her own subspecialty expertise to the chapter, and this has resulted in the final product, a textbook that we believe they should all be proud of. Finally, thanks to all the staff at Elsevier, especially to Martha Limbach, who waited patiently for us to deliver the various parts of the book, sometimes at a slower-than-hoped-for pace.
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